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Author: Chris

This week I have been mostly... trying to find good stock. ( Read as the man from the Fast Show who lives in a shed )

Its tough out there for stock. I avoid Auction cars as you pay more money than you want for a car another dealer has decided isn't worth keeping. I like to buy Part Exchanges from Main Dealers. That flow of cars is very slow at the moment and is becoming increasingly rare with dealers turning to Auction policy.

The only other option is looking for private sales or advertising that I will buy your car on Facebook or the paper. This can be fruitful but is very time consuming as I will make an offer to 99% of people. That means I could be valuing around 50 cars a day and maybe buying a couple.

So if you have a car and you want to change it, please message me your reg number and mileage. I will try and bid the best price and I will pay and collect very quickly.

Always buying and every things for sale 07543338881 Chris

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2015