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Don't meet your hereos, do buy your dream car !!

Author: Chris
Don't meet your hereos, do buy your dream car !!

Don’t meet your Heroes , do buy your dream car!

When I was 10 years old I wanted to be Steve McManaman, as far as I was concerned a football genius and a Liverpool legend. I also wanted a 996 911 Turbo … I had the pleasure of meeting Steve one day, spotted him in a restaurant a few years ago. After letting him eat his dinner I saw an opportunity to say hello, a proper chance to meet my childhood hero as he was walking past our table; “Hi Steve, I’m a huge fan”, Steve: “Alright pal”… That’s all I got, what an anti-climax, my hero turned out to be a regular, unenthused bloke on that day. Maybe childhood dreams should stay as names you shout out as you shoot from outside the penalty box, Mcmanamaaaaaaaaaaaannnn!

We had an opportunity to buy a 2002, 996, 911 Turbo today. A car like this can’t just be a business investment, no matter how hard you try, an element of emotion comes in to play when something bearing the ‘Turbo’ badge appears. We bought it. My memory of meeting Mr McManaman was plaguing the thought of driving my dream car back to the Usedcars4less site, would it be everything I imagined as a 10/11 year old or a massive disappointment?

11th October 2017, 911 Turbo day, the car lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Comfortable, classy, quiet, refined and stupendously fast – it did everything. I was genuinely gobsmacked on my drive from Glasgow to Carlisle, how can a car this old be this capable?! Although the sun was nowhere to be seen there was a silver ray of sunshine gleaming through Carlisle that day. Proof that childhood hero’s, in fact can still be great, even by today’s standards.

Unfortunately the car is for sale. I wish we could keep it, soon to appreciate, this is a truly special car. Please please please don’t buy it.




Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017