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Facebook For Business Is A Fishy Business

Author: Chris

Once upon a time, only a few years ago, you could happily build an audience and promote your business on FACEBOOK cost effectively. Fast forward to now and it’s a constant drain on your bank balance just for your everyday posts to be seen. This is because FACEBOOK have reduced your natural reach. So when you post something for the first time the best natural unique user reach you could hope for is about 20%. We have 850 likes on our page currently and with no engagement on a post ie. no likes comments etc the reach varies from 20 to 200 depending on the time of day I post. If you look at it negatively a new car comes in to stock and I want people to know about it quickly and cheaply I post it on FACEBOOK but with the chance my audience of 850 is going to be reduced to 20 it seems like a waste of time. You can then of course add funds L which means FACEBOOK will allow more of your followers to see your posts. This can be as little as £3 but all the £3’s add up quickly.

Because the percentage of your followers that see your posts are so low you need a much bigger audience than you once did. What’s the best way to do that viral videos or pictures something funny or endearing that people are compelled to like, share or comment on.

That’s the hard bit, anyone got an idea for a funny video? I’m happy to dress up as giant hotdog or do I need to do horrendously painful looking BMX stunt accident? Food for thought, but in summary FACEBOOK is harder than ever to reach an audience and its more than likely down to it being floated on the US stock exchange and why its worth over 220 Billion Dollars.

Still love it though


Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2015