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First Full Year

1 year birthday !!! what an exciting year.

This time last year I was busy incorporating the company setting up all the necessary accounts and internet platforms and selling my first few cars. I sold 3 cars last March 1 retail and 2 trade. clearly this is not enough to run a business ha, but you have to start some where.

My first car trading as usedcars4less and on my own was a MINI that a bought from another car trader Tavistock motors and I ended up selling to Haliwell jones and delivering it to Preston, all in all I made £57 profit :-)

The transition from working out of our living room at home to a used car forecourt has been hard fought and isn't for the faint hearted. You have to take risks and every car you buy and sell is a gamble.

I am very happy with what has been achieved in the first year and the site up at Briscoburn Business Park, Brampton Road Longtown is great. It gives Customers and I a chance to arrange a viewing at a location where all my stock can be displayed. We have a lovey showroom waiting area with the radio and TV for entertainment in case customers over lap or need to wait for 10 minutes and fresh tea and coffee is always flowing.

I have a separate office where we can discuss financial matters in private and of course some nice quiet roads to do some all important test driving.

The business is now achieving over 20 cars a month which is now covering al the (growing) costs Phew ha ha ... and March this year as I type we are on 17 retail cars and its the 13th I think a 30 car month is on the cards and with a little luck and the wind behind us we should make some profit.. Maybe even enough for a new work kettle.

What's next for Usedcars4less, in 2016 I would like to see stock levels double, Used car sales reach 30 / 40 a month and to recruit some valuable team members, so as we grow the smooth friendly and pressure free experience I try to deliver to all of my customers can continue.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and support the business Facebook page it grew from 0 - 3936 likes in the first 12 month. All the shares, likes and comments are crucial for increasing each posts reach.

Thanks also to all my lovely customers who bought cars off a new company and tried something different from dealing with a salesman in a suit with a nice watch and an expensive showroom and bought a car over a cup of tea eating biscuits with a fella in dark jeans, shirt and a jumper ( farmer chic )

Thanks also for reading :-)


Date: Sunday, March 13, 2016