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The Dark Arts

Author: Chris

I think there is a perception that a car dealer can perform the darkest of arts on you and make you buy something you don't want; that once you have bought a car a host of people with manager in their title can brain wash you with trickery and Magic.. So your automatic reaction is to say "NO thanks" to everything.

Take GAP insurance , Return to invoice insurance. What ever it's called you will have been offered it or you will have had someone try and sell it to you at the point of buying a car.

  • What is it?
  • Is it a con?
  • Would I have it?

It's an insurance policy that protects your new or used car against any financial loss between what you have paid for the car and what you would be offered if involved in an insurance pay out. It's not a con, it's an insurance product like any other. Just like when you insure your TV or other electrical items.
So for example if you buy a car that is £10,000 and it is written off in the 3rd year of ownership and your insurance company offers you market value which could be roughly £6000, your GAP insurance will pay out £4000.
I would always take this product, it's better to have something and never need it than not have it and need it desperately. The fact is cars depreciate in value heavily so as long as you're not paying more than £199 - £300 for the policy then it's a no brainer.
The only reason people don't take it, is because the person who has offered you it has explained it badly or they look shifty and like they are trying to have you buy something you don't need.
I don't provide GAP insurance yet but you can buy it online or from a main dealer or from an unbiased source but always take it (but at the right price).

Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2015